Highlights from SPI 2020 Solar Town Hall: Inside the mind of the solar consumer

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August 22, 2023

We teamed up with BayWa r.e. to host this special Solar Town Hall.  Leading experts in solar and consumer behavior helped us dive inside the mind of the solar customer and provided tips on how to incorporate principles of behavioral science to help accelerate our transition to a solar-powered world.

The panel was moderated by Tom Miller of BayWa r.e.  

And the panelists were:

Varun Rai - Director of the Energy Institute and Professor at The University of Texas at Austin

Kelsey Ruger - Vice President of Product at Hello Alice

Stan Pipkin - CEO of Lighthouse Solar

Scott Nguyen - CEO of Bodhi

We asked each panelist to give us their #1 tip:

Varun Rai - "We don't update our beliefs very often. If someone looked into solar 10 years ago and it was too expensive, they may be assuming solar is too expensive today."

Kelsey Ruger - "Consumers are usually not deciding between your product and another product. They're deciding between your product and doing nothing."

Stan Pipkin - "If we start on a footing born of mistrust, that long term relationship is in jeopardy."

Scott Nguyen - "It might be interesting for the industry to categorize customers based on Bartle Player Types, a concept taken from game design theory that suggests 'players' can be grouped by what motivates them."

To learn more, watch the recording of the full Solar Town Hall below:

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