Hit your sales goals without without chasing down leads

Bodhi® allows you to take your sales leaders’ best practices and scale them through the power of automation, automatically nurturing prospects and re-engaging aged leads

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Loved and trusted by solar companies across the U.S.

Automate sales touches to increase your close rate

Bodhi®'s sales journey helps your sales team close more deals by automating sales touches and streamlining document and e-signature requests into a single click.
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Bodhi's personalized customer portal makes us look more professional. It gives our customers peace of mind.

Evelin Hernandez
Evelin Hernandez
Project manager

Retarget your aged leads to keep your sales funnel full

Bodhi®’s re-engagement journey allows you to automatically retarget old prospects to keep your sales funnel humming in the background.
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Support higher sales costs with a premium experience

From proposal to PTO, Bodhi® gives your prospects a white-labeled customer portal where they can track the progress of their solar and access their documents.
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Spend less time chasing leads, more time closing deals.

Stand out with a branded app

Bodhi® gives your company a fully white-labeled solar customer portal so your prospects are kept in-the-loop from proposal all the way to powering up.

Automate follow-ups for aged and new solar leads

Bodhi® automatically enrolls new and aged leads in proven, custom nurturing journeys so your sales team can focus on closing deals.

Easily request documents and e-signatures

With Bodhi®, get electric bills, send proposals, and secure contract and financing signatures all with a single click, so that signatures happen in real time instead of taking weeks.
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Using Bodhi® helped Lighthouse Solar increase referrals by 30%


Increase in referrals


Increase in efficency
We can either spend money and hire more staff to do more things, or we can look at ways to communicate with customers more frequently. And Bodhi is a huge part of that for us.
Jay Bramble,
Sales Manager Lighthouse Solar
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