Focus on the project without neglecting the customer

Are you spending more time updating customers than working on the project? Bodhi® works with your project management software to streamline and automate your customer communications.

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Loved and trusted by solar companies across the U.S. and Canada

Never miss a customer message

Bodhi® centralizes communications across text, email, and in-app so you never miss a customer message.
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Our project coordinator team can definitely feel the difference with Bodhi. We are doing record installs this summer and have not added head count.

Jeremy Allsop-Pukahi  
Jeremy Allsop-Pukahi  
Director of Internal Operations
G3 Solar

Automate your customer project updates

Bodhi® integrates with your CRM and project management tool in order to keep your customer updated with a personalized project tracker and automated updates.
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"I LOVE the inbox. It's such an easy way to see what customers received and communicate when I'm busy.

Cam Smith
Cam Smith
Project manager
Huston Solar

Keep your brand top of mind with a white-labeled app

Bodhi® allows you to show off your business with a solar customer portal and app where customers can find project updates, documents, and more — all at the tap of their fingers.
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Lead the conversation instead of reacting to it

Project manager
Decrease in inbound questions

Project Managers

Get more time back in your day by creating templates that allow you to quickly send personalized project updates.
project coordinators


Increase in customer satisfaction

Project Coordinators

Get full visibility into all customer conversations without needing to dig through PM’s email threads.
operations manager


Increase in project volume

Operations Manager

Make operations your competitive differentiator. Bodhi® customers have a 5% cancellation rate.
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Using Bodhi® helped A.M. Sun Solar increase PM project volume by 67%


increase in project volume


Google review score
I can't tell you how many times we get a high rating for customer service, and I think:  Well I give them a welcome call, and I schedule their project, but Bodhi does the rest!
Jody Bannister,
Customer Experience Manager A.M. Sun Solar
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Bodhi Pro
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Best-in-class products comes with world-class support

Check out our FAQs or reach out to our support team for questions.
Can I pick which channels my message gets sent on?
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Yes, you can view each homeowner’s preferences for communication within your Bodhi® account.  Bodhi® automatically updates which channels your messages are sent on based on these preferences, but your admins on your team are also able to change which channels messages are sent on based on your company’s processes. Currently, text, email, and in-app Bodhi® messages are supported and can be toggled off and on.

How many project managers can use Bodhi?
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No matter what version of Bodhi® you use, you can add unlimited staff and team members to your Bodhi® account, allowing you to tag-team customer communications and use the same templates and automations.

Can I customize my message templates?
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Yes, Bodhi® comes with pre-built message templates for each solar project phase, but you can also customize the language in these templates to better match your company’s unique voice and brand.

Do I have to have a CRM?
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In order to use Bodhi® Pro, your team already needs to be using a CRM or Project management tool to keep track of projects.  Integrating with your CRM is how Bodhi® ‘knows’ to keep customers updated with automated, personalized messages so that your team can focus on meaningful tasks — like building personal relationships with your customers or executing projects.

You can find a list of supported CRMs here.  If you don’t see the solution your team is using, get in touch, and we can discuss potential next steps.

Bodhi® Starter and Bodhi® Free are standalone products that work without a CRM integration. Some data entry is required, but they have been designed to help growing solar businesses address the challenge of keeping up with customers' expectations for constant updates.

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