Highlights from Bodhi Earth Day Panel - Can Words Impact the Climate?

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August 22, 2023

We hosted a panel with 4 communication experts to answer the question, “How do we effectively communicate the severity of climate change and the solutions in a way that compels people to also take action.”    

The panel was moderated by our very own Scott Nguyen.  

And the panelists were:

Nico Johnson - Host of Suncast

Susannah Bradley - Director of Emerging Audiences at SunCommon

Brooke Betts - VP US Climate Campaign at Rare

Carter Lavin - Director at California Solar & Storage Association

We asked each panelist to give us one key takeaway:

Nico Johnson - "The guests on our show are emblematic of the kind of messaging we need recognize we don’t have time to shame others into coming along side us, and they create products and messaging that actually demonstrates that we are not waiting for some future idea or technology to arrive. But that is already here today."

Susannah Bradley - "Your righteousness doesn’t have a place in the conversation..it really is about meeting people where they're at, finding out what little nugget you can possibly connect in their interest in their heart and their mind with the work you are doing."

Brooke Betts - "If you were just authentically talking about things with people in a way that doesn’t freak them out or scare them off, it’s really powerful...People don’t look to experts.  They look to their neighbors or friends.  They look to people that they actually know and trust."

Carter Lavin - “During COVID, we ran the biggest global experiment.  What happens if people stopped traveling, stay home, cut their carbon footprint.  Emissions went down, but they didn't go down nearly enough as they need to.  This is an important reminder that yes there's stuff that we as individuals can do, but political and collective action is the way that we really unlock this."

To learn more, watch the recording of the panel below:

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