Highlights from The state of residential solar webinar

Tips to survive the downturn and be ready when the market rebounds
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October 31, 2023

Where are we on the solarcoaster?  What are solar businesses around the US doing to adapt to the tough market conditions?  Those are just some of the questions that were answered in the webinar The state of residential solar, co-hosted with Ohm Analytics.  

And right off the bat, we learned from the 150+ attendees that the strategies that solar installers are embracing this year run the gamut.  

When polled: “What current trend are you betting the success of your business on?” 

  • 30% said they were pivoting to PPAs and leases.  
  • 29% are embracing home electrification instead of exclusively solar.  
  • 21% are using this time period to invest in operations.  
  • And the final 21% of installers?  They’re just waiting for the inevitable death of bad actors to even out the playing field.

The panelists had even more color to add, from which markets are still doing well to the challenges of shifting from loans to PPAs to what the crystal ball says about 2024.

Below, you’ll find one practical, tactical takeaway from each panelist, as well as the full webinar:

Chris Collins, Ohm Analytics —   When the industry goes through a rough period, the most important thing is to stay in the game.  Focus on your profitability and don’t try to do too much at once.  The long-term for solar is so positive, so if you can just stay in the game you’ll be able to reap those rewards.  

Matt Mark, SunnyMac —   Invest in your CRM.  It is the basis that triggers every communication point that gets automated with Bodhi, and it touches every aspect of your business and brings them together.

James Lee, Everbright —   Only pursue authentic partnerships.  And to make sure you’re doing this, itemize everyone that you work with.  Whether it’s a sales partner, a subcontractor, a CRM, or a vendor, ask yourself whether they are a required partner for your business to succeed.  

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