Highlights of Battled-tested KPIs for solar business leaders to stay ahead of the competition

“There is no such thing as a perfect process, just the pursuit of a perfect process.”
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August 22, 2023

We joined up with Sungage Financial and Coperniq.io to co-hosted a panel with solar business experts to answer the question, “Which KPIs are most critical to a successful solar business and how do I get started?”    

The panel was moderated by Doug Pierce, Director of Sales at Sungage Financial

And the panelists were:

Melanie Bell - Marketing/CX Advisor of Bodhi

Mike Hornitschek - VP of Strategic Development of StraightUp Solar

Max Kazakov - CTO of Coperniq.io

Benjamin Pratt - VP of Operations of Solargistics

Here's 1 key takeaway from each panelist:

Melanie Bell - "What we have found is that if you figure out what matters the most to your customers at each of the stages in the value map, that helps you focus on what KPIs are most important otherwise you can boil the ocean with metrics.”

Mike Hornitschek - "A couple of years ago, we were a little younger and little less experienced, customers were complaining about communication, coordination and being left out in the open a little bit too long and so we took the value stream map asked: where are the pressure points where customers are most stressed and where we think the information streams matter? We identified that the phase from contract signature to installation start is a pretty apprehensive phase because this is the only solar array they are ever going to build. What can we do to enhance communication, coordination and reduce anxiety for the customer?"

Max Kazakov - "Who owns the KPI. Is this a project management or sales facing KPI? People from that work center should be the directly responsible individual that makes sure the KPI gets gathered, updated, and reported on. You want to make sure you dole out ownership as part of your culture as a data driven company."

Benjamin Pratt - "Identify and then set ego aside. Managers tend to think they can come in and create processes and monitor everything. The answers are really with your team. It's getting them together, giving the team the tools and enabling them to create the perfect process where they let you know where the roadblocks are.”

Doug Pierce - "When I worked at an installer it was eye opening: places that you feel are operating at a really high level of efficiency we found that sometimes that wasn't the case and on the flip side areas we thought we were struggling in we found were efficient and cost effective areas of our customer experience."

To learn more, watch the recording of the panel below:

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