Introducing Bodhi Starter: A plug-and-play way to upgrade your customer experience

With no integration or CRM required, Bodhi Starter immediately improves your customer communications so that you can get better reviews and more referrals
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April 18, 2023

We recently received a distress call from an installer drowning in a sea of negative reviews that all echoed one common theme: poor communication.  Frustrated and overwhelmed, he reached out to us.  After watching a demo of Bodhi, he exclaimed, "I love this, but my team is stretched thin and can't implement everything right now.  However, I urgently need to fix our communication issues and equip my operations team with a solution that delivers results.  Is there any way you can help?"

This installer is not alone in grappling with this pain point.  Demanding customers and the complexities of customer communications can be daunting, especially as your business expands and takes on more projects.  Giant corporations like Amazon and Uber have set high standards for customer experience, conditioning customers to expect nothing less.  Yet, meeting these expectations can overwhelm even the most efficient operations team.  To make matters worse, poorly designed software tools intended to help can actually add to the burden if they require extensive time and effort to adopt.

That's precisely why we are introducing Bodhi Starter - a powerful solution that provides immediate relief to solar teams struggling with customer communications and striving to deliver an exceptional customer experience. With Bodhi Starter, you can regain control of your communications, meet customer expectations, and keep your operations team sailing smoothly towards success.

What is Bodhi Starter?

Bodhi Starter allows solar teams to get started with the Bodhi platform immediately, no implementation, integration, or even CRM required.

We know that solar installers (and their project managers!) are faced with record-high customer expectations.  At the same time, communicating with these customers has only gotten harder.  Customer messages can now live across different inboxes and text threads on different people’s phones.  Documents can get lost in people’s emails, leading to delays and miscommunications. And to top it all off, customers don’t understand the solar journey, adding in a layer of confusion and disbelief when issues like permit delays or supply chain problems arise.

Until now, it’s been difficult to develop a solution that solves all these challenges, while also giving solar businesses a way to directly benefit from the good experiences they are able to deliver — namely better reviews, more referrals, and a brand that is top-of-mind.

Now with Bodhi Starter, you have a plug-and-play customer experience platform that allows your operations team to begin unlocking these results as soon as they log in.  Once they’re inside of Bodhi, your project managers can add homeowners and be sending updates and messages within minutes.  In fact, even when your team isn’t actively sending messages, your homeowners get a customer-facing project tracker to keep them in-the-loop. Bodhi Starter also sends out surveys to uncover any unsatisfied customers so you can address the issue and turn them into champions.

What are Bodhi Starter’s features and capabilities?

Bodhi Starter gives your team the tools they need to immediately start delivering amazing customer experiences. Once you log in to Bodhi Starter you instantly get:

  • Full visibility into customer communications:  Bodhi Inbox, included in Bodhi Starter, brings all of your customer communications, across text, email, and the Bodhi app, into one place.  That way, you never have to hunt down another email or text thread.
  • Prioritized project manager outreach:  Quickly see which customers still have a question that hasn’t been responded to and view a customer’s entire communication history at-a-glance so that you never miss a customer question.
  • Consistent messaging with the click of a button:  No mixed messaging or time-consuming typing.  Instead, send templated messages to your homeowners at each phase of the project to quickly let them know how their project is progressing.

  • White-labeled app to build your brand:  Give your homeowners access to a branded app with your company logo, colors, and font where they can see their project tracker, view all of your team’s messages at-a-glance, and access all their important documents in one location
  • Faster and more seamless document sharing:  Share all project documents, including contracts and photos, within Bodhi Starter so that your homeowners have easy access to them in a single location.  And request an e-signature if you need their approval for a design or change order.
  • Customer satisfaction and net promoter score surveys:  Automatically trigger surveys during the project to uncover any unsatisfied customers so you can address the issue and turn them into champions.
  • Optimized review and referral requests: Send your customers review and referral requests so you can organically grow your company.  Bodhi Starter also provides personalized referral pages so you can equip your champions with easy-to-share system and savings information.

With Bodhi Starter, your team also has help from day-one.  Solar businesses using Bodhi Starter receive a dedicated Customer Support Manager.

Installers also gain access to our exclusive online knowledge base, full of tips and tricks on how to improve operational efficiency and level-up your communications.

What’s the difference between Bodhi Starter and Bodhi Pro?

Bodhi Starter has been designed for teams who want to get up and running quickly, streamlining their communications and customer experience without needing to integrate their CRM or other software tools.

Bodhi Starter comes with the tools your operations, marketing, and sales teams need to start engaging homeowners the way they want.  This includes our powerful multichannel inbox, document repository, surveys, and fully white-labeled, customer-facing web app designed to generate more referrals and better reviews.

For solar businesses that want to maximize the benefits to their operations and sales teams with automation, fleet monitoring, and long-term engagement, we recommend Bodhi Pro.

Bodhi Pro is our flagship customer experience platform.  Bodhi Pro automates the full customer journey from contract through the 25 year life of the customer relationship so that you can get the full benefits of amazing customer experience.  Bodhi Pro also helps manage your growing fleet, helping turn your service department into a profit center.

How can I get started with Bodhi Starter?

Bodhi Starter has been intentionally designed so that your team can begin reaping the benefits of better experience immediately.

Interested solar businesses can book a demo here.  During the call, our solar cx specialists will set up your Bodhi Starter account and let you experiment with its capabilities during your time together, so you can discover right away whether Bodhi Starter is a good fit for your business.  By the end of the conversation, your team will have a fully-functioning and operational Bodhi account — ready for you to start using to streamline your customer experience.

Bodhi will also be hosting a webinar showcasing the power of Bodhi Starter on May 3rd at 12pm CT.   You can register for the event and submit any questions you have about Bodhi Starter here.

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