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How Bodhi Inbox centralizes communications across text, email, and in-app so you never miss a customer message
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March 1, 2023

We were recently talking to the owner of a solar installation company who needed someone to vent to.  He was frustrated because a solar customer complaint had escalated to him, and he was having a hard time figuring out what exactly had been communicated.  The homeowner claimed they sent an email that had never been responded to.  Meanwhile, the project manager insisted they had been keeping the customer in the loop via text.  To make matters even more confusing, the project’s electrician had also been sending emails to the homeowner that never got responses. 

If you work in residential solar, you’ll know this situation isn’t unique. We hear similar rants not just from other solar business owners, but also their operations and sales teams.  Between calls, texts, emails, and more, it’s easy to lose customer messages.  And even when your team manages to stay on top of it all, it’s overwhelming.  Solar customers today demand flexibility in their communications — they want to be able to text and email as their whims dictate — but there’s no doubt that it adds a lot of complexity (and inefficiency) to managing a project. 

That’s why we’ve created Bodhi Inbox. 

What is Bodhi Inbox?

Bodhi Inbox brings all of your customer communications into one place.  With Bodhi Inbox, it doesn’t matter how your customers are reaching out to you or your team.  Whether they were trying to email their project manager or text their salesperson, Bodhi Inbox brings a customer’s entire communications history into one inbox. 

By bringing together all of your texts, messages and emails, Bodhi Inbox helps you ensure you never lose track of a customer’s communications.  Our platform gives you an at-a-glance view of all of the messages from that customer over the course of their entire relationship with your business. Texts, emails, and Bodhi’s in-app messages are all consolidated in Bodhi Inbox, so that a customer message is never stuck in just one person’s phone or personal inbox.

Bodhi Inbox also makes reaching back out to your solar homeowners as easy as sending a text.  With Bodhi Inbox’s multi-channel approach, your project managersjust have to click a single button to message your customer across text, email, and the Bodhi app. 

Bodhi Inbox means you can:

  • Meet your customers where they are and reach them across channels at the touch of a button
  • Get a bird’s eye view of the entire conversation history with a homeowner, including what they’ve been told by your team
  • Spend less time following up with customers across channels and more time executing the project

It's the ultimate solar project management tool for your operations team.

What makes Bodhi Inbox different from other messaging platforms?

From day one, Bodhi Inbox helps you improve your customer communications and customer experience.  

By operating across text, email, and the Bodhi app, Bodhi Inbox means that no matter how your customers want to communicate, you can easily reach out to them and keep track of their responses.  The majority of solar businesses today are stuck logging into a bunch of different platforms for customer communications, which slows down project managers and causes customer messages to get lost in the shuffle. 

Bodhi Inbox empowers your team to have streamlined communications with your homeowners — whether they want updates via the Bodhi app, email, or text.  There’s no more logging into multiple portals or platforms just to see if your homeowner has gotten back to you.  

Better yet, there’s no more text message exchanges just living in one project manager’s phone.  

Instead, everyone on your team has access to a homeowner’s entire conversation history and can take action accordingly. 

For powerful engagement, your message can also be sent across all channels at once.  Yes, fans of The Office will be glad to know we’ve finally made WUPHF a reality for solar!  Though, thanks to our cutting edge technology, we won’t be reaching out to your homeowners via fax. 

How to get started with Bodhi Inbox

The power of Bodhi Inbox is that it immediately levels up your solar customer communications.

For current Bodhi customers:

  • Log into your account and navigate over to Bodhi Inbox.
  • Then just search for the customer you want to communicate with and get started! You can see the most recent customer messages at the top of your inbox.
  • When responding, your message will go to all of their preferred channels.
  • You will also see the entire history of your communications with the homeowner, including all of the automated messages Bodhi has sent out on behalf of your project managers.

For interested solar businesses, Bodhi Inbox is part of the Bodhi solar customer experience platform.  Our platform has been custom-built for solar to reduce post-sales headaches for solar businesses and their customers while driving customer lifetime value and reducing support costs by 50%.  

Bodhi Inbox can help you improve customer communications from day one.  If you’re interested in getting started with Bodhi, we can get you kicked-off and going right away with Bodhi Inbox.  You’ll see immediate value from having all of your customer communications in one place, starting with happier customers and a more efficient operations team. We’ll then work to get you set up with the CRM integration to take advantage of the full Bodhi platform, which includes automated communications to take the load off of your project management team, as well as more effective review and referral generation. 

To learn more about how Bodhi can help your solar business, schedule a free demo today.

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