Bodhi Free: Now solar installers of all sizes can deliver amazing customer experiences, at zero cost

How Bodhi Free solves your customer communications challenges, leading to fewer cancellations and happier customers
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Katarina Brown
September 6, 2023

Know what we love seeing here at Bodhi the most?  When our solar installer customers succeed.  One of our early customers started installing solar 5 years ago and was doing about 5 projects a month.  Fast forward to today.  They’re installing more than 50 projects each month and have been able to keep a small but mighty team by streamlining their operations and customer communications.

This is what the solar industry needs more of.  All of us know that we need more solar and we need it fast.  We know that in order to get more solar out there, we need more successful solar installers like our friends.

Talk to everyone in our industry, we know that success isn’t an option.  It’s existential.  Our industry cannot afford setbacks.  We cannot let another 'Pink Energy' stain our industry.

Unfortunately, exceeding our customers' soaring expectations is an uphill battle these days.  As any solar project manager will tell you, it’s not easy to keep the modern solar homeowner happy.  However, keeping homeowners happy is the whole name of the game.  

The truth is, a company lives and dies by the efficiency of their operations, as we’ve seen with the large number of solar bankruptcies this year.  Whether you’re a small 50-projects-a-year installer or a multi-regional solar business, the threat of an unhappy customer (and their bad reviews and cancellations) is a risk solar businesses can’t afford.

That’s why we’re excited to share the launch of Bodhi Free.  Bodhi Free is designed for solar teams who need a solution to their customer communications challenges immediately — no payment or long implementation required, and completely free forever.  

What is Bodhi Free?

Bodhi Free is exactly what it sounds like — a completely free version of the Bodhi platform.  With Bodhi Free, solar teams can get started with the Bodhi platform immediately, no payment, integration, or even CRM required.

We created Bodhi Free because in order to meet the growing demand for residential solar, solar installers need practical tools to make them successful right off the bat.  Most solar softwares (and softwares in general!) require lots of time and set up before your team and business ever sees the value.  

With Bodhi Free, installers of any size can immediately begin streamlining their customer communications.  Bodhi Free gives your operations team a suite of communications tools that will help them keep customers happy while your customers get instant access to a branded customer portal and app.  

By meeting your customers’ high expectations, your team will reap the benefits of fewer cancellations, more referrals, and more 5-star reviews.

What are Bodhi Free’s features and capabilities? 

Bodhi Free allows your team to get the benefits of the Bodhi platform without having to commit to a specific plan or invest additional resources.  Once you create your Bodhi Free account, you’ll have Bodhi’s support with up to 5 projects a month.  For these projects you’ll have:

  • Full visibility into customer communications.  Bring all of a customer’s emails and text messages into one inbox and reach back out to them across channels (app, text, email) with just the click of a button.
  • Prioritized project manager outreach.  See at-a-glance how long it's been since a customer received a message, so you can prioritize your communications and ensure a homeowner never goes too long without hearing from your business.
  • Consistent messaging with the click of a button.  Leverage Bodhi’s pre-built and custom templated messages so you can ensure all of your customers get the same level of service and brand voice.
  • White-labeled customer portal to build your brand.  Give your homeowners access to a branded app with your company logo, colors, and font where they can see their project tracker, view all of your team’s messages at-a-glance, and access all of their important documents in one location.
  • Faster and more seamless document sharing.  Share all your project documents, including photos, designs, and contracts in one place so customers don’t have to hunt through their email, and your team doesn’t have to waste time resurfacing materials.
  • Customer satisfaction surveys.  Uncover which customers are secretly unhappy and need some extra attention, as well as who is so stoked to go solar that they would give you a glowing review.
  • Optimized review and referral requests. Send your customers review and referral requests in just one click, so you never miss an opportunity to boost your business.  Bodhi Free also provides easy ways for your champions to share their experiences and refer their friends and neighbors to go solar.

With Bodhi Free, your business also has help from day-one.  Once you sign up for Bodhi Free, you’ll have a dedicated CX specialist to help you get the most from your account.  You’ll also have access to our exclusive online knowledge base, full of tips and tricks on how to improve operational efficiency and level-up your communications.

Get started with Bodhi Free here.

As your business grows, and you want more projects on Bodhi, it’s also easy to graduate to Bodhi Starter or Bodhi Pro.  

What’s the difference between Bodhi Free, Bodhi Starter, and Bodhi Pro?

Bodhi Free is for solar companies that are just getting started, while Bodhi Starter is for teams who are looking to streamline customer communications at scale.  Bodhi Pro is for solar businesses that are looking to fully automate their customer experience to drive lifetime customer value. 

With Bodhi Free, operations teams can add up to 5 new projects a month.  You can continue to add new homeowners at this cadence until you reach 60 projects total.  Bodhi Free supports these projects by giving installers access to a suite of customer communications tools, including templated messages, multi-channel communications, and customer-facing project trackers.  Teams using Bodhi Free can also give their homeowners an instant customer portal, eliminating the need for many phone calls and follow-up emails asking about the status of a project or a document.

Bodhi Starter is very similar to Bodhi Free. It allows solar installers to get up and running quickly, enabling them to streamline their communications and customer experience without needing to integrate their CRM or other software tools.  Unlike Bodhi Free, Bodhi Starter has no project cap, and solar businesses can continue to add new projects as they close more deals and grow the business.

Bodhi Pro allows solar businesses to automate their customer communications and experience.  Bodhi Pro gives you the full functionality of the Bodhi platform — no feature limits or project caps.  Bodhi Pro automates the full customer journey from contract through the 25 year life of the customer relationship so that you can get the full benefits of amazing customer experience.  With the Bodhi Fleet add-on, Bodhi Pro can also help you manage your growing fleet, helping turn your service department into a profit center.

How can I get started with Bodhi Free?

Getting started with Bodhi Free is easy.  Just click here to create your account.

With Bodhi Free, there’s no credit card or commitment required.  Bodhi Free is free forever.  So why not get some help delivering amazing customer experiences with ease?

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