Announcing Bodhi 2.0, your end-to-end customer experience platform

Learn how Bodhi 2.0 helps installers automatically engage customers throughout the entire customer journey, from lead to install to repeat customers
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Scott Nguyen
May 8, 2024

When I launched Bodhi 5 years ago, it was shortly after my own experience going solar here in Austin.   My experience was a bit weird.  I had a great sales guy but my post-sales experience lacked transparency.  I was constantly wondering, “What’s going on with my project?”  Surely if I could buy $30 worth of pizza and know exactly when it goes into the oven and when it gets picked up for delivery and when it’s right outside my door, I should be able to know what’s happening with my $30,000 solar purchase…  

That’s why at the inception of Bodhi, we set out to improve communication, transparency, and the solar customer experience overall.  Our belief (which has been proven right time and time again) is that by helping solar businesses delight their customers at scale, they can better capture the value of those relationships and turn your happy customers into your best sales reps. In the past 5 years, we've continually iterated and finally mastered the art of automating post-sales CX in solar. 

But we always had a hunch we could do more.  Our partners over the years have frequently come back to us to ask, “Can we use Bodhi to engage our leads in the sales process?” 

That’s why we’re excited to announce that this is now a reality with the launch of Bodhi 2.0

Bodhi 2.0 now allows solar businesses to leverage their sales expertise and systematically improve their customer engagements to drive sales and lower customer acquisition costs.

With Bodhi 2.0, we’ve bottled 5 years of best practices we learned from solar pros across the US and packaged them into a new technology architecture to not only help you survive the current market conditions but also to dominate your market when it rebounds.  

How is Bodhi 2.0 different from Bodhi 1.0?

We’ve kept all of the tools that installers love about Bodhi.  From our white-labeled customer portal and “solar pizza tracker,” to automated CSAT and NPS surveys that catch unhappy customers before they leave bad reviews, you’ll find all of the best features of Bodhi 1.0 have been carried over and perfected in Bodhi 2.0.

So what’s different?  Bodhi 2.0 now serves the entire customer journey - from lead to install to repeat customers.  With Bodhi 2.0, you’re able to easily nurture leads through the sales process.  You’re able to easily ensure they don't get cold feet after signing the contract.  You’re able to easily identify your unhappy customers early and turn them into brand ambassadors.  This means higher close rates, fewer cancellations, fewer 1-star reviews, and more referrals.

What are the new Bodhi 2.0 features?

From a single customer engagement platform, Bodhi 2.0 helps your sales, operations, and service teams:

  • Automatically nurture your sales leads to increase your close rate.  Bodhi 2.0’s sales journey allows you to take your sales leaders’ best practices and scale them to the rest of the team through the power of automation.  For example, ensure your customer gets your most compelling case study 5 mins after their initial sales call ends or if your qualified prospect didn't book a call after the first couple of times you requested it, create FOMO by automatically educating them on the growth of solar in their community while asking again for that sales call!  In addition, Bodhi 2.0 offers 1-click document capabilities to receive your prospects’ electric bills, send them proposals, and get signatures on the contract and financing documents in real-time instead of waiting weeks.  
  • Retarget your aged / lost / closed leads to keep your sales funnel full.  Bodhi 2.0’s re-engagement journey allows you to automatically retarget the hundreds or thousands of old leads that never went anywhere to keep your sales funnel humming in the background.  Instead of asking your marketing team to sort and export old prospects from your CRM and manually build and send one-off re-engagement emails, Bodhi can automatically and consistently re-engage your prospects after their initial “No thanks” weeks, months, or even years later to see if “now is a better time to go solar.”  With Bodhi 2.0, your company brand is never far from your prospects’ mind.
  • Keep customers informed without burdening your ops team.  Bodhi 2.0’s installation journey automates customer updates while giving your operations team full control with advanced triggering logic.  For example, did the permit get approved?  Great, Bodhi will send an update!  Permit still not approved after 7 days?  After 14 days?  Don’t worry.  Bodhi has your back by automatically ensuring your customers know that you're working behind the scenes to push this project forward through the day to day difficulties we face!   Bodhi 2.0 also supports multiple product offerings like solar, batteries, EV charging, or even roofing.  With Bodhi 2.0, no operational process or workflow is too complex to automate.
  • Engage customers post-install to maximize customer lifetime value.  Bodhi 2.0’s post-install journey allows you to easily promote other electrification products to your existing customers. For example, want to target the Enphase customers with a campaign that the Enphase battery is on sale? How about a campaign for the Solaredge customers that you're running a sale on the Solaredge EV charger? You can also schedule automated, personalized outreaches based on solar anniversaries, holidays, or other relevant “time since” triggers for your business.
  • Support orphaned systems and become their hero.  Burned solar customers that want a working system and some transparency are no problem for Bodhi 2.0.  With automated communications and customizable system alerting, you can welcome orphaned customers to your brand and keep them updated on the progress of the service job without diverting from your service team’s time.  And when the job is done, Bodhi will automatically request them to leave you your well-deserved 5-star review.
  • See customer needs and sentiment at-a-glance.  Bodhi 2.0 makes it easy for your team to give unhappy customers that extra attention while happy customers are automatically promoted for reviews and referrals.  With our multi-channel team inbox, you’ll know which customers need responses and can easily tag teammates, mark important messages for later, and see the full history of your customers’ communications no matter if they send it via text, email, or from the app.  Additionally, prebuilt customer satisfaction (CSAT) & Net Promoter Score dashboards give immediate insight into how your organization is performing.

Bodhi 2.0 is also completely customizable to your business, so if these customer journeys don’t encompass your sales and operational processes, Bodhi 2.0 supports unlimited additional journeys, including journeys specific to other product lines or pain points for your business. 

How is all this possible?  Bodhi 2.0 was rebuilt from the ground up on a new tech architecture.  With Bodhi 2.0, it’s faster and easier to get started with Bodhi than ever before.  Your CRM can be connected to Bodhi in minutes and fully set up in days instead of months, meaning your operations team won’t be delayed by a long technology project.  Bodhi 2.0 also contains features that enable other “quick wins” immediately upon launching, including message templates and ability to request document signatures directly from the Bodhi Inbox, so you can get e-signatures in hours instead of weeks.

Learn more:  How Solar Gain uses Bodhi to streamline their customer signatures and documents

How much does Bodhi 2.0 cost?

Bodhi 2.0 is the new and improved technology powering the Bodhi platform — there’s no additional cost, and it’s immediately available across all versions of Bodhi.  That means that no matter which Bodhi (Free, Starter, or Pro) best fits your company’s budget, Bodhi 2.0 will be able to help your business bring down communications costs, from sales all the way to service. 

So which Bodhi is right for you?

For companies installing 5 projects or less per month, Bodhi Free is free, and it’s free forever. This is a perfect option for solar companies that are just getting started, or that want to test out the capabilities of Bodhi within their organization.  Bodhi Starter is designed for mid-sized solar companies looking to streamline customer communications, regardless of whether you have a CRM or not.  

Bodhi Pro is for businesses looking to automate the full customer experience. Bodhi Pro is sold in project packages with volume discounting available.  

More information about pricing can be found on our pricing page.

How can I get started with Bodhi 2.0?

Bodhi 2.0 is available now for all Bodhi plans:  Bodhi Free, Bodhi Starter, and Bodhi Pro.  

Interested businesses can get started with Bodhi Free immediately.  Bodhi Free allows you to streamline communications for up to 5 solar projects a month.  There’s no CRM or credit card required, and you can create your account and get started immediately here.  

For businesses interested in automating their full customer experience from sales through installation through service, you can book a demo of Bodhi Pro here.

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