Sunlight Financial and Bodhi® partner to accelerate the post-sale solar financing process

By automating the submission of post-sale financing documents, Bodhi® allows installers to get paid faster with fewer cancellations
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June 2, 2023

We were talking with an installer who shared a painful, relatable experience.  After a hard-won sales process, the installer had gotten to the final design stage with a customer. The post-sale documents were prepared and awaiting submission to their financing partner so that they could get their Notice to Proceed (NTP).  During the time it was awaiting submission, the customer canceled their project.

While cancellations are often unexplainable, after talking with dozens of installers, we noticed a common trend: When customers feel like a project has stalled, they’re more likely to pull the plug.

That’s why today we’re excited to announce that Bodhi® is partnering with Sunlight Financial to automate post-sale document submission to Sunlight’s Orange® portal.  At Bodhi®, we’ve long been dedicated to streamlining the customer experience, helping operation teams be more efficient and effective by automating customer communications.  Now, in our partnership with Sunlight Financial, we’re able to bring the power of automation to the financing process.

Our goal with this partnership is to reduce the amount of data entry required of installers, while also helping solar companies get paid faster and with fewer cancellations.  

Through the new partnership, Sunlight partners can integrate with Bodhi so that instead of manually uploading important post-sale project documents, these documents are automatically submitted to Sunlight’s Orange® portal.  Approval decisions are instantaneously reported back to the installer, eliminating time delays and speeding up milestone payments.  

This includes all Notice to Proceed, Installation, and Permission to Operate (PTO)  submissions, for example:

  • Contract agreements (M0)
  • Installation photos (M1)
  • System specifications (M1)
  • PTO letters (M2)

Sunlight partners that choose to integrate with Bodhi will also reap the full benefits of Bodhi Pro, Bodhi’s automated customer experience platform.  Bodhi Pro automates the full customer journey from contract through the 25 year life of the customer relationship so that you can get the full benefits of amazing customer experience.  With Bodhi Pro, homeowners receive automated updates on the progress of their projects through text, email, and in-app notifications.  Bodhi Pro also helps manage your growing fleet, helping turn your service department into a profit center.

All Sunlight partners will be entitled to their first month of Bodhi Pro for free, as well as a 50% discount on Bodhi’s implementation fee.

To learn more and take advantage of the partnership, installers can speak to their Sunlight and Bodhi representatives or visit

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