Get customer signatures faster

How Solar Gain uses Bodhi to streamline their customer signatures and documents

Get customer signatures faster
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“These results were even better than I expected.”

Stan Pipkin
Lighthouse Solar


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About Solar Gain

As a company that has been around for more than 15 years, Solar Gain prides themselves on their turnkey service and next-level expertise for their California and Arizona customers.  

However, as any solar company owner will tell you, turnkey service is easier said than done — especially when you have to get customer signatures to move the project along.  Additionally, many of Solar Gain’s customers would lose track of the very documents they were supposed to sign.  Solar Gain’s team was frustrated they were spending hours each week resurfacing documents and chasing customer signatures. 

Why Bodhi®

Previously, Solar Gain relied on Adobe to get customer signatures for design approvals and permit / interconnection applications.  On average, waiting on customers to sign could delay projects by 1-2 weeks.  Additionally, the follow-up calls and emails from Solar Gain’s permit managers and PMs took valuable time out of their teams’ days, wasting time that could have otherwise been spent pushing project work forward.

Tired of having to sic their permit and project managers on customers so that they could get the signatures and approvals they needed, Solar Gain turned to Bodhi.  With Bodhi’s text message notifications and easy to use e-signature interface, Solar Gain’s goals was to speed up customer feedback and signatures, as well as consolidate project documents into one, easy-to-access customer portal. 

Bodhi is the best method of getting customers to sign their permit forms quickly. After two or three attempts sending forms via Adobe Sign with little success, I started using Bodhi, and it was the only way I was able to get the signature.

realized that my project
Will Lawton
Permit Manager
Solar Gain

I realized that my Project Managers were spending up to 50% of their time on communications - most of which has been automated by Bodhi®.

marlaina hunter
Stan Pipkin
Lighthouse Solar

Results with Bodhi®

Now, Solar Gain uses Bodhi’s text-based signature requests to accelerate the project.  Customers sign within hours instead of weeks, and the Solar Gain team never has to waste another minute chasing a signature.  

Solar Gain’s customers now also have access to a white-labeled customer portal, which gives them a consolidated place to view all their documents, meaning they no longer need to hound Solar Gain staff to re-send documents via email!

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