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Tips to help your operations team succeed
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August 22, 2023

If your ops team isn’t already stressed out, the busy season is just around the corner.  This makes it even harder to meet customers’ communication expectations.  That’s why we wanted to host a special webinar specifically focused on how you can empower your operations team to do more.

Led by Bodhi’s Head of Business Development, Emmett Miranker, the webinar explored how to streamline your customer communications, reduce the risk of bad reviews, and nurture your referral sources.

Here are four key challenges we’ve heard from solar installers — and the solutions we’ve come up with here at Bodhi.

  1. Customers communicate on random channels.  Between text and email alone, it’s hard to stay on top of customer communications.  That’s why Bodhi Starter brings together all of these communication channels into one inbox, so you can get an at-a-glance view of your customer communications.
  2. Customer documents and data are everywhere. Whether you’re hunting for a warranty doc or a change order, customer information and documents live everywhere.  We’ve designed Bodhi Starter to centralize all of your documents and customer data, so you don’t have to waste precious time hunting down information.
  3. Customer feedback comes too late. Tell us if this sounds familiar:  You don’t really hear from a homeowner, so the operations team assumes things are going fine — but come the end of a project, the customer leaves a bad review.  Instead of waiting until the end of a project to collect customer feedback, Bodhi Starter includes customer surveys at each project milestone, so you can collect the good reviews early and address concerns quickly.
  4. Customers forget your name.  In residential solar, the systems come with 25+ warranties, but most solar installers don’t have the bandwidth to nurture these long-term relationships.  Bodhi Starter puts your company brand front and center with a white-labeled app and emails, so when it comes time for them to buy a battery or EV charger, they remember your name and know who to call.

To learn more about how Bodhi Starter can help your business deliver an amazing customer experience with ease, watch the recording of our webinar below: 

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