Highlights of special Sungage webinar: Customer experience vs customer service

In order to unlock the full value of the 25+ year relationship, it’s key to understand and deliver a great customer experience
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August 22, 2023

As a part of Bodhi’s new partnership with Sungage Financial, we hosted a special webinar exploring the difference between customer experience (CX) and customer service. 

Led by Bodhi’s Head of Business Development, Emmett Miranker, the webinar explored the rising expectations of homeowners, and the power of automation to help meet (and exceed!) these expectations.  By offering concrete tips and tools, Emmett was able to teach attendees how to make customer experience a competitive differentiator for their business and drive more reviews and referrals.

Here are three key takeaways from the event:

  1. Customer experience-leading companies are 3x more valuable than those considered CX laggards.  Market research proves that customer experience directly supports companies’ revenue goals.  By providing an excellent customer experience, your customers will be less price sensitive and more willing to entertain offers for other products and services. 
  1. Not only does better CX mean more revenue — it also results in lower operational costs.  Happy customers tend to complain less and put less strain on support.  They’re also more likely to support your sales and marketing teams by providing great reviews and referrals to others in their network.  Solar companies using Bodhi report up to 50% reduction in customer support costs.
  • Going digital and automation are the only ways you can provide great CX at scale.  When you only have a handful of customers, providing a great customer experience is easy. However, as your business grows and projects stack up, it’s impossible for your operations team to offer the same level of individual attention and proactive updates.  That’s why customer experience platforms are key.  They allow you to offer the same quality of customer experience through the power of automation. 

To learn more, including how Bodhi can help your business beat the competition, watch the recording of our webinar below:

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