Bodhi and Wattmonk partner to streamline residential solar projects

Wattmonk installers can now automate communications to further improve their time-to-install
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December 6, 2022

Today, we’re excited to share that Bodhi is partnering with Wattmonk to streamline residential solar projects.  By joining forces, Bodhi and Wattmonk will offer residential solar installers the full suite of tools that they need to not just keep pace with demand, but actively grow their business.

We’ve long been fans of how Wattmonk supports installers who want to execute projects quickly without sacrificing quality. Wattmonk’s everyday solar store offers a suite of solar services, from solar sales proposal development to the automated creation of solar permits packages and site survey applications.  For their services, Wattmonk provides both the best turnaround time and most competitive prices in the industry.

Through our partnership, all Bodhi installers will be entitled to:

  • 10% off Wattmonk’s design services, excluding PE structural and electrical review
  • Volume-based price discount of 15% for installers who submit more than 300 permit packages in a month

Wattmonk’s network of installers will also be entitled to 50% off Bodhi’s implementation fee.

Both Wattmonk and Bodhi believe in freeing up solar professionals’ time to focus on what matters most — executing the project.  By joining forces, we hope to empower even more businesses to automate communications and outsource time-intensive tasks like design, engineering review, and permitting. 

If you’re already within the Wattmonk network, reach out to us below or schedule a call for more information on how you can get started with Bodhi and apply your 50% implementation discount.  For existing Bodhi installers who want to get started with Wattmonk, you can reach out to Wattmonk here

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