Make customer communications a quick win for your business

Bodhi® Starter centralizes customer communications by bringing texts, emails, and in-app messages into one inbox so that you never miss a message. Then reach back out with a message across all channels with just the touch of a button.

Bodhi® is simple yet has all the customer information I need in one view. It can really enhance the customer experience, and I was able to get started in minutes.

Amy Olsen
Marketing Director
10-year Solar Professional

Branded app and project tracker - no integration required

Bodhi® Starter allows you to give your customers a branded app with your company logo and colors where they can see their project tracker, and while there leave you a 5-star review or send in a referral!

Schedule a demo of Bodhi® Starter

Bodhi® Starter has been designed to be your plug-and-play customer experience platform.
During our call, our solar cx specialists will set up your Bodhi® Starter account and let you experiment with its capabilities, so you can discover right away whether Bodhi® Starter is a good fit for your business.