Turning 92% of customers into brand promoters

How Dawn to Dusk Solar uses Bodhi to measure NPS and brand promoters to attract high quality sales dealers

Turning 92% of customers into brand promoters
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“These results were even better than I expected.”

Stan Pipkin
Lighthouse Solar


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About Dawn to Dusk Solar

Dawn to Dusk, started in 2019, is one of the fastest growing residential solar installers in Texas,  thanks to their amazing team and the help of their high quality sales dealer network. 

Of course, as project loads increased, so too did the stress on Dawn to Dusk’s operations.  The Dawn to Dusk leadership team was left wondering how they could continue to deliver their trademark awesome customer experiences — vital to both their reputation and their dealer relationships — even while their ops team worked on a record 66 projects per project manager.  That’s when they turned to Bodhi.

Why Bodhi®

Prior to their work with Bodhi, Dawn to Dusk primarily relied on Google reviews to gauge customer sentiment about their performance. Knowing that it would allow them to better attract and retain sales dealers, Dawn to Dusk wanted to measure how much customers loved their work — and then the company wanted to improve these numbers even more by scaling their customer communication strategy.

Solar done properly is a win-win for everyone. Another happy customer submitted a 10/10 review.

realized that my project
Fraser Sinclair
Dawn to Dusk Solar

I realized that my Project Managers were spending up to 50% of their time on communications - most of which has been automated by Bodhi®.

marlaina hunter
Stan Pipkin
Lighthouse Solar

Results with Bodhi®

Today, 92% of Dawn to Dusk customers are brand promoters, making it easier to get testimonials, referrals, and great reviews.  The company also has a net promoter score (NPS) of 85 — beating out major national brands like Sunrun.  

Dawn to Dusk has been able to discover and capture these numbers thanks to Bodhi’s automated survey capabilities.  With Bodhi, customer satisfaction surveys go out during each phase of the project, and NPS surveys capture brand loyalty at the beginning and end of the project.  Not only does this allow them to capture their well-earned kudos, but it has also allowed them to identify parts of the install process that their PMs can further improve on.

With their stellar NPS and promoter scores as leverage, Dawn to Dusk has been able to attract and retain high quality sales dealers to continue to keep project volumes high and growing. 

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