Identify escalations early

How A1A Solar uses Bodhi to stay ahead of customer issues and create stronger brand champions

Identify escalations early
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“These results were even better than I expected.”

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About A1A Solar

In business for close to 15 years, A1A Solar has built a reputation in Florida for quality, ​​cost-efficient solar systems across residential and commercial.  The secret behind their top-notch reputation and review score?  A1A Solar is unique in that they are fully vertically integrated — no part of the job is outsourced.  

As A1A Solar continued to grow, they realized that if they wanted to keep everything in-house, while also maintaining their high standards, they would need some help. 

Why Bodhi®

As any solar business will tell you, being vertically integrated is no small feat.  There’s a lot to juggle, even for an incredibly organized company, what with prospecting, permitting, PTO, and more.  That’s why A1A Solar wanted a tool that would allow them to identify escalations during any part of the process early — before they ever became a 1-star review. 

Previously, A1A Solar relied on their experienced operations team’s intuition to uncover unhappy homeowners.  When project loads were high, and members of the team were overwhelmed, occasional 1-star reviews would be posted before the issue could get resolved. 

Eager to suss out dissatisfied customers early, they turned to Bodhi and our automated CSAT (customer satisfaction) surveys.  These CSAT surveys are automatically sent to customers at the end of each phase of the project, asking the question “How has your experience been so far?” Customers are able to easily respond on a scale of 1 through 5 with 1 being “Poor” and 5 being “Love it.”

The customer satisfaction surveys are so valuable to get ahead of any issues customers are having and prevent bad google reviews.

realized that my project
Ellen Castle
commercial solar consultant
A1A Solar

I realized that my Project Managers were spending up to 50% of their time on communications - most of which has been automated by Bodhi®.

marlaina hunter
Stan Pipkin
Lighthouse Solar

Results with Bodhi®

A1A Solar uses Bodhi’s automated NPS and customer satisfaction surveys to regularly and consistently check on homeowner sentiment throughout the installation process.  In fact, A1A Solar was able to average 1.25 survey submissions per customer.  

A1A Solar’s team reports the benefits are twofold:  The operations team gets hard numbers (1-5) on how customers are feeling about their project, which gives them something to reference in their homeowner phone calls.  Additionally, homeowners feel like their “1” is heard and being looked into — quenching the urge to externally give a 1-star review.

Not only was A1A Solar’s operations team able to turn these escalations into happy customers in the majority of cases, but they’ve been able to make process changes to their operations in order to reduce future escalations and increase sales and project management efficiency.  Today, A1A has an NPS (Net Promoter Score) of 88, beating out major national brands like SunRun, along with industry averages. 

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