For solar business that want to fully automate their customer experience

Bodhi® Pro automates the full customer journey from contract through the 25 year life of the customer relationship through a seamless integration with your CRM, document service, field apps, and monitoring platforms.

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If it weren't for Bodhi® helping us out with important customer updates automatically,  I'm sure the company would have needed to hire 2 more admins!

Jodi Bannister
Customer Service Supervisor
A.M. Sun Solar

Frequently asked questions

What’s included in Bodhi® Pro? How is it different from Bodhi® Starter?
Bodhi® Starter has been designed for teams who want to get up and running quickly, so that they can begin seeing the immediate benefits of streamlining their communications and customer experience without needing to integrate their CRM or other software tools.  For solar businesses that want to maximize the benefits to their operations and sales teams with automation, fleet monitoring, and long-term engagement, we recommend Bodhi® Pro.
You can find a full breakdown of the features differences between Bodhi® Starter and Bodhi® Pro here.
Do I need to have a CRM?
Yes, in order to use Bodhi® Pro, your team already needs to be using a CRM or Project management tool to keep track of projects.  It is only by integrating with your CRM that Bodhi® can send fully automated and personalized project updates to your customers.
You can find a list of supported CRMs here.  If you don’t see the solution your team is using, get in touch, and we can discuss potential next steps.
How difficult is it to implement Bodhi® Pro and how long does it take?
Bodhi® has been designed from the ground up to drop into a solar company's existing systems and workflows.  The Bodhi® Customer Success team does most of the “heavy lifting” during implementation.  The timeframe from the Bodhi® Pro kick-off meeting to go-live is usually between 4 to 8 weeks.
Can I make changes to my plan at any time?
Yes, you can work with your dedicated customer support manager to discuss changes to your plan at any time.
How does billing work?
Like Bodhi® Starter, Bodhi® Pro is priced on a per-project basis and billed monthly for the projects entered into Bodhi® the month prior.  Depending on your expected project volume, our solar customer experience specialists can work with you to the right project volume package and pricing tier.

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Operations & homeowner communications

Bodhi® Starter
Bodhi® Pro
Automated project tracking
Customer-facing project tracker
“Hey, we haven’t forgotten about you” updates
CRM field triggered project updates
“Smart time since” triggered project updates
Calendar date triggered project updates
Field app integrated “End of day” updates
Supports multiple customer journeys
Multi-channel communication
Text, email, and in-app messaging
Consolidated  inbox
Message templates
Customer specific internal note system
Customer-facing document & photo repository
Embedded E-signatures
Real-time syncing with company’s internal project folder
Self-service resources
Frequently Asked Questions page
Customizable educational resource pages

Sales & marketing enablement

Bodhi Starter
Bodhi Pro
White-labeled webapp
Texts from local area code phone number
Referral template message
Automated NPS-based Google review requests
Referral tools
In-app invitations
Social media integrations
Personalized public referral pages
Automated referral requests
Supports single-side/double-sided incentive programs
System monitoring
White-labeled monitoring dashboard & reports
Real-time utility savings estimate
Customer-facing monthly energy reports
Customer-facing “recent high” production alerts
1 week, 1 month, and 1 year “powered by the sun” anniversary alerts
Content marketing
Bulk text/email/in-app marketing
Segmentation by customer and system profile
Campaign engagement tracking (opens/clicks)

Solar fleet management

Bodhi Starter
Bodhi Pro
Solar service support
Integration with the top 6 residential inverter monitoring devices
Single, consolidated interface of company’s solar fleet
Weather adjusted performance monitoring
Customizable alert settings: no data, no production, low production
Interactive map view of system alerts
Customer specific internal note system
Direct links to system page in OEM portal


Bodhi Starter
Bodhi Pro
Dedicated customer success services
Dedicated Customer Support Manager
Online knowledge base
Quarterly executive business reviews
20 hours integration updates included annually

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