Highlights from SPI 2020 panel: Building out an effective solar software stack

We hosted a panel with leading experts in residential solar on how to leverage software to help grow your solar company. They shared their experiences, both good and bad, building out their company’s software stack.  

The panel was moderated by Melanie Bell of Strategic Piece.  

And the panelists were:

Ryan Hunter - President, Freedom Solar Power

Greg Mennemeier - Data and System Architect, StraightUp Solar (filling in for Mike Hornitschek)

David Wilson - Director of Sales, Solo

Scott Nguyen - CEO, Bodhi

We asked each panelist to give us their #1 tip:

Ryan Hunter - "Everything is centered around the CRM and Project Management software."

Greg Mennemeier - "When evaluating software, ask if it is going to conveniently collect the data that you need and get it to the right people easily and quickly."

David Wilson - "A misconception is that everything is plug and play.  Take into account the huge learning curves that come with these software."

Melanie Bell - "Pick a tool that you think will scale with your company well for at least 2 to 3 years."

Scott Nguyen - "An integrated tech stack gives you ability to collect the data to assess a software's ROI."

To learn more, watch the recording of the panel below:

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